Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Imbolc Ritual

Imbolc Ritual
Welcoming the Light, the Young Lord, and the Goddess Brighid

What you will need for the ritual:
  • Besom
  • White taper to use to light the other candles
  • White or Light Green candles for the God and Goddess
  • Red, Blue, Yellow, Green candles for the Elements
  • Ancestor candle - Purple
  • Animal Spirits candle - Brown
  • Small orange or red candles to represent the light (one for each participant) and a holder for each.
  • Athame
  • Wand
  • Bowl of salt
  • Bowl of water
  • Sprig of rosemary
  • Any decorations that are suitable to the Sabbat – e.g. a crown of 13 red candles, a spring evergreen, candles wheels, grain dollies, sun wheels, sheep, lambs, burrowing animals
  • Incense and burner if you are able to use it – see recipe at the end of the ritual for sample
  • Basket of small twigs
  • Black ribbon
  • Pens
  • Parchment rolled and tied with a white ribbon
  • Milk
  • Light coloured cakes or cookies – Recipe suggestion at the end of the ritual
  • Candle snuffer
  • Matches
  • Divination tool of your choice – Tarot cards, pendulums, stones, runes etc.
  • Spare paper

Altar/ Set Up

Place the elemental candles on the floor in the appropriate direction. (Green – North, Yellow – East, Red – South, Blue – West.) Have the Basket of twigs, black ribbon, pens, spare paper and parchment close at hand (I usually place them beside or under the Altar. I also place the Besom on the floor near or under the altar – just make sure it is close at hand. Place the matches, snuffer, and the orange candles and holders in a small box or basket near or under the altar as well. Add any decorations that you might want to the altar. Make it your altar, personalize it the way you want it.

Animal Spirits
Cakes &
Bowls of water and salt
Goddess Candle
Incense Burner
Sprig of Rosemary &
White Taper
Athame /Wand
Divination tools

Cleanse the Area
Take your besom and sweep the area speaking the following:

With this besom filled with power,
Sweep away the old and sour.
Sweep away the chill of death,
As winter draws its last cold breath.
Round, and round, and round about,
Sweep the old and useless out!
(Adapted from an online resource)

Light the incense and the white taper candle

Cast the Circle
  • Invite the participants into the circle
  • Using your Athame take three scoops of salt and stir into the bowl of water, wipe dry.

I cast this circle, this sphere...out of time and space...

  • Take your Athame and envision a pure red light coming from the end of you Athame - cast the circle

cast with mental and magickal imagery...

  • Take your Wand and envision a stream of yellow light and smoke coming from the end of your wand –cast the circle a second time

cast with passion and power...

  • Take the sprig of rosemary and dip it into the salt/water and envision a wall of water or stone being built from each salt/water droplet – cast the circle a third time.

cast in strength and stability....
a sphere bathed in spirit...
set apart for our rites of Imbolc.
Call the Elements
  • Take the taper from the Altar and move to the yellow candle in the east. Light the candle and invoke the element of Air:

Powers of the East
Winds of enlightenment, inspiration, and change
Lend your spirit to our circle tonight.
That our minds may be changed, filled with wisdom
And our lives a hopeful song of inspiration.

  • Take the taper from the Altar and move to the red candle in the south. Light the candle and invoke the element of Fire:

Powers of the South
Fires of creativity, passion, and transformation
Lend your spirit to our circle tonight.
That our love may triumph, our creativity spark
And our hearts a transforming dance of passion.

  • Take the taper from the Altar and move to the blue candle in the west. Light the candle and invoke the element of Water:

Powers of the West
Waters of life, intuition, and emotion
Lend your spirit to bless this rite and guard this circle.
That our hearts songs may flow, intuition grow clear
And our lives be a river of joy and laughter.

  • Take the taper from the Altar and move to the green candle in the North. Light the candle and invoke the element of Earth:

Powers of the North
Earth of nurture, stability and growth
Lend your spirit to our circle tonight.
That our foundation may be firm, our nurture loving
And our lives a tree that grows strong.

Call the Ancestors and the Animal Spirits
  • Light the Ancestor candle and say:

At this Altar, with this candle, in this sacred circle I call on you ancestors. We welcome you to join us here and to welcome as of old , Brighid, Goddess of the hearth and of the sacred well, blacksmith and wordsmith, who taught You and us the ancient arts and gave many gifts. Ancestors be welcome.

  • Light the Animal Spirits candle and say:

Spirits of Nature, you who dwell with in the land, that gently awakens to the steps of bright Brighid. Be welcome here dark raven, and cat of the hearth, honey bee and milk cow, serpent and brown bear. You, companions of the highest queen, we honour and welcome you.

  • Light the God Candle and say:

Come young Lord, child of the Mother
You again dance the dance of life
We beckon the light of spring and the promise of growth
Let Your light chase away the dark chill of winter
With Your spirit, passion and love
Melt away the shadowy blanket of night
And renew the earth with Your warming breath
Be with us this night to celebrate the awakening and rebirth
Of the Mother’s Earth

  • Light the Goddess candle and say:

Bight Brighid, Goddess of many faces
Guardian of the hearth fires and the sacred well
I beckon You to our hall where the bed is prepared
Let the light of Your love scatter the shadows
And Your fires burn away winter’s lingering night
From the fertility of Your womb spring the seed of life
And the light and life of the young Lord
Be with us this night to celebrate the awakening and rebirth
Of Your Earth

Sharing the Candles of Light
  • Pass out the orange or red candles to each participant (if doing this solitary light one candle on the Altar. Taking the taper lit from the Goddess candle. Pass the light around the circle to each member with this blessing:

May you dance with the young Lord, and rest in the arms of the Goddess
renewed, refreshed, and empowered by their light and love.

Letting Go of the Past
  • A small box or basket of tiny twigs will be passes around and each person is to take a hand full.
  • Then taking the twigs they will bundle them (3-4 twigs for each bundle) and tie them with a black ribbon.
  • They will name each of those as things that they want to let go of as they look forward to the coming newness and renewal of spring. (These can be named publicly to the group or privately as the participant wishes.)
  • The bundles will be placed in the cauldron and taken outside to be burnt at the end of the evening.

New Beginnings – Planning for the Year Ahead
  • Each person will be given a parchment roll tied with a white ribbon and provided a pen.
  • On the parchment everyone will be asked to write their goals and projects that they are going to start with the coming spring. These can be personal growth projects, practical projects or projects that they are going to work on magickally.
  • Everyone will be encouraged to spend this time talking about these goals and projects and how they see them coming to fruition and what support and involvement they will need from the others.
  • Each participant will get to take these home with them.
  • Time will be taken at this point for any who want to use their divination tools to have or give a reading.

Cakes and Ale (or milk and cookies)
  • Blessing the Ale
Goddess of abundance and love
Bless these gifts as you bless us all
Help us to see the Divine in all we share

  • Blessing the Milk
God of light and life
Bless these gifts as you bless us all
Help us to see the Divine in all we share

Energy Requests

Close the Circle
  • Extinguish the Goddess candle

Goddess of the brightening day
Thank you for attending us here tonight
And ask you to be near us, while we are apart;
Leave us your warmth to encourage us
Your love to empower us
And your passion to revive and inspire our souls

  • Extinguish the God candle
God of the growing and wild things
Thank you for attending us here tonight
And ask you to be near us, while we are apart;
Leave us your warmth to encourage us
Your love to empower us
And your passion to revive and inspire our souls

  • Extinguish the Ancestors and Animal Spirits candle

You shining ones, nature spirits and ancestors
I thank you for your presence in this celebration and our lives
As we return to the ordinary time and daily world
We ask your blessings travel with us
So to let our blessings and love go with you

  • Extinguish the green candle and say:

Spirits of north, earth’s stability and growth,
Thank you for your firm foundation and continual growth
Thank you for lending your spirit to our work this night
We bid you farewell and thanks.
  • Extinguish the blue candle and say:

Spirits of west, water’s power and flow,
Thank you for your soothing spring rains that melt the snow and water the seed
Thank you for lending your spirit to our work this night
We bid you farewell and thanks

  • Extinguish the red candle and say:

Spirits of the south, fire’s flame and glow,
Thank you for your warming light that warms our hearts and give life to the seed
Thank you for lending your spirit to our work this night
We bid you farewell and thanks

  • Extinguish the yellow candle and say:

Spirits of east, air’s whisper and roar,
Thank you for your winds of change that bring spring warmth and joy
Thank you for lending your spirit to our work this night
We bid you farewell and thanks

Our circle is open but unbroken.

May the Lord’s dance of life move your feet
May the Lady’s love move your heart
And may the light grow daily in your heart and soul
Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again

Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Goddess Card

Mother Mary - Expect a Miracle

"Have faith that your prayers have been heard and are being answered."

Message from Mother Mary: "Faith is the light that illuminates your pathway. Without faith, the future looks very frightening. That's why it's essential for your to take whatever steps are necessary to keep your mind and heart filled with faith. Please don't give up hope on yourself or other people. Keep the candle of faith burning within your soul, as the one small inkling of hope can eradicate the darkness of despair. Be the light that eliminates someone else's gloomy helplessness as well. For as you make others stronger, it strengthens not only yourself but the entire world."

Varous Meanings of this card: Let go of worrisome thoughts - Keep your thoughts positive - Notice and follow any divine guidance your may recieve - Pray - Engage in spiritual healing.

About Mother Mary: She's the beloved mother of Christ who's known as the "queen of the angels" for her ongoing and miraculous healing work. Mary works closely with  anyone who is a child advocate, teacher, or healer. She loves children, and is devoted to making the world a safe and happy place for them. If you'd like to help children, ask Mother Mary for a Divine assignment.

Personal Thoughs: I had forgotten that Mary was in this particular Goddess deck. Though I as a general rule do not work within the Christian pantheon I think that drawing this card was a timely reminder to keep my faith in the forefront of my life. Not to let the practice of my craft and living of my purpose fall to the wayside. As well, over the last year I decided that my focus was going to be on learning and practicing certain healing arts. This card is a reminder to continue that learning and grow. 

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Autumn's End

The murky final moment of November

Watery light of dreary days

Ice tipped wind kisses

Driving bitter tears from heaven

Mottled browns and grays

The perceived imperfections

Of autumn

Vanquished in the night

As the Goddess pulls up her blanket

A heavy white cloak of unmarred purity

Depth and expanse covered

As the perfection of snow alights

Ushering in the epoch of introspection and repose

The great mother cradling her world

Even as her inspired womb rests

A still silence embracing the world

As the seasons continue to change

The unending spiral of existence

Continuing through untold history and future

~Raiwvynn Dusana – Nov. 30/11~

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Never Piss off a Goddess

She wanted but a simple thing
to give to the soil connection
to be the Goddess of the land
She didn't ask for insurrection

There was no request for payment
it was a gift she offered there
the power of her heart and name
was what she longed to share

She didn't ask for city walls
she didn't cry for altars
she offered up a part of her
with no demand of temple or psalters

You didn't even consider
the gift she offered up that day
for what better gift from a Goddess
Then Her presence there to stay

You laughed and scoffed merrily
Turning away from Her greatest gift
and in that moment what came voluntarily
became the swiftest kick

The God Manannan raised up a storm
The likes of which none wished to see
it crashed and roared and pelted rain
and no more would You be

So swallowed up by wind and waves
Your just reward you won
I would not be the one who braves
of a Goddess to make fun

So now in dark Tech Duinn you reign
A punishment for your deed
to care for souls awaiting there
till to the underworld they're freed

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Net and Arrow

The waves crash and spray
Your hand controlling the tide
Great Lord of the waters
Provide for your fishermen
Bring forth your bounty from the deep
Fill nets with flopping fish
So hungry stomachs may be filled

The arrow flies free and true
your hand steady on the bow
Great Lord of the hunt
Provide game for your huntsmen
Flush out the wild beasts
And lead them to the slaughter
So mouths and hearts may be fed

By net or arrow
Your provide for Your children
great Father, Lord of Provision
In your honour we fish the depths
In your honour we hunt the dark forests
with grateful hearts
We partake of Your bounty

The Contradictions of Zeus

Lightening rent the heavens
 the voice of thunder
reverberating through the clouds
power and majesty resounding
as your might shout echoes
from Mount Olympus
omnipotent powerful Lord
ruling with a will of iron


you fall down
in a soft golden rain
love and tenderness in your touch
sweet words whispering in waiting ears
the caress of seduction in your gentle shower


I stood, face turned to the fiery sun
Your light blazing down upon my skin
Your warmth drawing life from the earth around me

I stood, buffeted in the untamed wind
Your breath blowing madly through my hair
Your cool winds bringing in the life giving storm

I stood, pelted in the thrashing downpour
Your tears falling in torrents on my up turned face
Your refreshing rains flooding life into the sodden ground

The blackened sky was rent asunder
As lightening flashed and the thunder roared
The howling wind releasing Your life giving power

I felt to my knees surrounded by the raging tempest
Drenched in your overwhelming might
caught in the fury of the storm

Buffeted and tossed by the ferocious gale
I feel un-hearing to the naked earth
hope and direction drowned in a maze of fear

I awake, tenderly kissed by a gently breeze
Your warm rays stealing away the icy chill of dark
Your world awakening to a brand new day

I gaze, through bright eyes washed clean with tears
at Your lush, green, emerging world
Your seeds of death flowering forth the joy of life reborn

I turned my worn but joy filled heart to Your shining face
and I smiled that your life had come to grow
Through the maelstrom You had hurled.